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Your heart asks, “Fancy an Indian?” and your mind says, “No, I’m trying to lose weight or fat” … Remember that dilemma? Well, now you can fulfil your heart’s desire without being worried about the stigma of ‘un-healthiness’ attached to Indian/Pakistani cuisine.

Fitty Foods has been setup by a person (Skinny Chef) who went on his own fitness journey while still wanting to enjoy his favourite Indian/Pakistani food. The ethos of Fitty Foods is to bring you traditional Indian/Pakistani food, cooked in traditional ways, with traditionally used ingredients of highest quality. Apart from our cheat meal menu, every dish we prepare (skinny menu) contains a much lower amount of fat and when combined with sides like gluten free chapatis or naan, creates a balance and nutritious diet that would be perfect if you are either on a weight loss journey or an avid bodybuilder.

Skinny Chef

Yeah, I get it… This should be about food not the foodie. However, to know my food, I believe one must know, why I cook the way I cook and to know that, one must know me.

I probably wouldn’t be wrong in saying that I was raised as a foodie. My mom and several of my aunts were awesome cooks and I grew up eating like a king. Unfortunately, that also meant that I was completely oblivious to heath issues like obesity and type 2 diabetes.

As a chef I used to proudly repeat an old saying “Never trust a skinny chef” because I really believed in it… or at least believed in the supposed logic behind it. Well… that believe was shaken in 2019 when I found myself overweight and borderline diabetic. Still I wasn’t going to give up the food I loved since my childhood. That sort of food wasn’t just a source of great pleasure for me but also best of my childhood memories were associated with it.

Something however needed to be done so I took a giant step. I changed my lifestyle, started working-out, controlled my diet and used every bit of my chefly skills (I’m sure this is not even a word but you know what I mean) to convert all my recipes into their healthier versions without compromising either taste, smell or the looks so I would stay motivated (I would never be able to carry on if I had to eat boiled broccoli lol).

Guess what…? It worked. I shed 15kg access weight and brought my body fat level down from 33.4% to 15%. Now I am a on my way to become a qualified personal trainer so I can confidently share my knowledge and experience with other foodies like myself and help them from getting out of the clutches of obesity and other diet related health issues.

My new belief is, “If a lazy git like me can do it, then everyone can”. So, check out my recipes, fitness tips and trust skinny chef.

January 2019

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