Frequently Asked Questions

Q - Is there a minimum order quantity or amount?

A – Yes. Minimum order quantity is 5 portions with minimum £30 spend.

Q – Is the delivery free?

A – For orders over £50 delivery is free. For order under £50 delivery is £6.99.

Q – How will my food be delivered?

A – Food will be delivered frozen in microwaveable containers and packed in a special box which keeps food frozen to -18 degrees for 48 hours. It is however highly recommended to either consume or freeze food straight away as it is delivered.

Q – How does subscription work?

A – You subscribe to meal plan of your choice and email us your choice of curries and breads or breakfast meals. You can simply reply to your order confirmation order or email with your order number to:

You can email us your choices on weekly basis or a month in advance its up to you but our recommendation would be to place your order on Sundays so from Monday to Wednesday we prepare and freeze your meals and send out to you on Thursday.

If you would like to order any item that is out of stock, you can still do so however, we will consider it as a special order and it will be delivered in 5 days instead of next day. So, we recommend that you make special order for your meals for following week.

Q – What is special order and how that works?

A – Any out-of-stock items, our entire cheat menu or even something that you like but it is not in our menu can be ordered as a special order. You can use the special-order form on our contact page and we will get back to you with time scale and prices. Usually, we prefer to get a least 5 days’ notice but this can vary depending on availabilities of ingredients etc. Please remember that if you want to order something that is not in our menu, we are fully entitled to not accept that order.

Q – Is there a boneless option for skinny and cheat menus?

A – Yes. If you do not care for ‘On the bones’ then we are happy to offer boneless option at the same price for chicken dishes (boneless option for mutton or lamb dishes will be at an extra cost). However, that will also be considered a special order so please allow 5 days for your delivery.

Q – Is your menu gluten free?

A – Only the items which are advertised as gluten free.

Q – Can I make a special order for gluten free for item not advertised as gluten free?

A – Some items like Nihari can be ordered as special order for gluten free. However, we are planning to introduce gluten free versions of those in the regular menu soon.

Q – Do I need to have a PayPal account to make a purchase or subscribe to a meal plan?

A – No, you don’t have to have a PayPal account. Once you have gone through the checkout, you will be taken to PayPal login page, there you can either login to your PayPal account or scroll down to pay with your debit/credit card.

Q – Can I make a local collection?

A – Not as yet but we are planning to introduce local collections for freshly cooked meals soon.